Florian Thomas Keller’s Solo Exhibition

Kinosho Kikaku Gallery is pleased to announce its first exhibition in its new space! We will exhibit German artist Florian Thomas Keller’s works, from September, 3rd to September, 17th.

Exhibition information:

Period: September, 3rd ~ 17th, 2016

Opening reception: September, 3rd, 17:00 ~ 19:00

Hours: 11:00 ~19:00, from Tuesday to Saturday (closed on Sundays, Mondays, and public holidays)

Venue: Kinosho Kikaku Gallery

Address: Shimizu Building 202, 2-7-4, Yaesu, Chuoku, Tokyo, 1040028

Link to map: http://kinoshokikaku.jp/en/home/access-map/

DSC_0099 ( title Resuregence 2016, size 80 x 80 cm, mixed technique, on canvas, price 3500,- euro )

Artist information:

Born in 1953 in Karlsruhe, Germany, Florian Thomas Keller went to art school in Sweden. He traveled and exhibited his work in many countries and co-founded the gallery “gad”, in Berlin.

About his art, he explains:

Speaking about art is not an easy task. For me, art is defined through the eye of consciousness. I choose what art is, what materials I use. I start with a movement or I make a small distinctive point by pencil, on my canvas, and then, the process starts. I use different techniques and tools, for example brush, knife, coal, spray, etc, and different materials like metal, sand, and wood. Then, I begin a kind of build up. Sometimes I go over, I wipe out, I put together… My eyes and hands dictate how the work takes form.
I mostly create abstract works but figurative elements can be introduced if necessary. I decide the work balance: a good flow or a nice shock, eruption or calm, reduction and emptiness.
The title gives one direction, one possibility to understand the piece but there is always more for the viewer to feel and understand.

DSC_0045 ( title Blooy Sunday, size 50 x 70 cm, mixed technique, on canvas, price 2000,- euro )

DSC_0084 ( title Atmos, size 3 x 60 cm, mixed technique, on canvas, price 1700,- euro )