Yumi Ohta Solo Exhibition 「Go around and around」

Yumi Ohta’s solo exhibition “Go around and around” will be held at KINOSHO KIKAKU from June 13, 2024 (Thursday).
We look forward to seeing you there.


Yumi Ohta Solo Exhibition 「Go around and around」
Thursday, June 13 – Wednesday, June 26
Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 18:00
Sunday and the last day of the exhibition: 12:00-17:00
Closed on Mondays
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「Go around and around」
From the beginning to the end, from life to death, from spring to winter, and again from the end to the beginning.
I am in the middle of the cycle of things, and I accept and allow the middle (now), and paint the present.
I paint with the importance of facing what I am able to paint at the moment.
The main theme of this exhibition is “Acceptance and Forgiveness,” and I would like to express the idea of living and painting.

太田由美 Yumi Ohta

Graduated from Kyoto Art Junior College, Department of Fashion Design, Graduation Work Encouragement Award

Active in the fields of painting, sculpture, words, and installation

<Artist Statement
I give form to the feelings and sensations that arise in my life.

As I chew through the influences from various worlds through myself, the emotions and sensations that emerge as energy are once made unconscious, and characters and forms are born.

The characters in my work contain a variety of meanings.

For example, the main character, Ruby with blond hair and blue eyes, symbolizes “energy,” Ruby’s twin, Lulu with blond hair and green eyes, symbolizes “introversion,” the skull is poison, the rabbit is the weak part of the core, and the unicorn symbolizes strength and energy.

By creating and presenting my work, I am sometimes surprised to learn about my current self from objective remarks from people other than myself, and at that point I can say that the work is finally complete in my mind.

2019 Solo exhibition “Magure, Affirmation” at Kinosho Kikaku, Ginza, Tokyo

2018 Solo exhibition “Spiral” at matoga, Koenji, Tokyo

2014 Solo exhibition “Between the Blink of an Eye” at Margaret Station, Shiga, Japan

2013 “Falling into a Dream” solo exhibition at Spectrum Gallery, Osaka

2012 “Love Color” solo exhibition at Spectrum Gallery, Osaka

2011 “Seeds and Eggs” solo exhibition at D+5 ART Gallery, Niigata.

2010 Solo exhibition “Passion for Life” at Spectrum Gallery, Osaka.

2009 Solo exhibition “Love and Poison” at Art Complex Center, Shinanomachi, Tokyo

2009 “Yumi Ota Solo Exhibition 2009” at Kinosho Kikaku, Ginza, Tokyo

2008 Solo exhibition “Hitoritabi” at Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo

2006 Solo exhibition “Emotion” at CASPER`S Gallery, Nakameguro, Tokyo

2005 Solo exhibition “Love Disease” at Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo

2004 Solo exhibition “Gekisashi, Publication Memorial Solo Exhibition” at Gallery Maison d’Art (Osaka)

2002 Solo exhibition “All Nude” at Gallery Maison d’Art (Osaka)

2022 “Kawaiii~Art Exhibition” at Hankyu Umeda Main Store (Osaka)

2021 “Japanese Pop Culture Exhibition” at Tokyu Department Store (Shibuya)

2020 “Contemporary Art and Masters” at Odakyu Department Store (Shinjuku)

2011 Hankyu meets art summer” at Hankyu Umeda main store, Osaka

2005 Three Artists Exhibition at M.P.B (Maison d’Art Paris Branch), Paris, France

2003 Characterism Exhibition at Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Williamsburg, NY

Pigozzi Collection

Notogawa High School, Shiga, Japan

Aito Junior High School, Higashiomi City, Shiga, Japan

Kibogaoka Cultural Park

Giant mural painting, giant installations, live painting, painting on cars, wrapping cars, billboards, CD and DVD jackets and flyers, paintings and sculptures for movies and videos, painting instructor, etc.

Group Exhibition「Baby Scratch」

KINOSHO KIKAKU is pleased to present “Baby Scratch,” a group exhibition by four artists starting Friday, May 17, 2024. We look forward to your visit.


「Baby Scratch」
Sumisha、FUZZ GAFF、Inoue、Kimiko Chikuma
Friday, May 17 – Thursday, May 30, 2024
Opening hours: 12:00 – 18:00
Closed: Sunday and Monday
-Baby Scratch EC Shop-


2013 Graduated from Osaka Designer’s College, Illustration Department
Sumisha paints distinctive figures with large eyes and a unique view of the world through acrylic paints.
She is a young artist who has been showing her works mainly in Kansai and Taiwan.


Focuses on creating cute, vivid, colorful pop, Harajuku-style and street-style characters and monsters that are both venomous and cute.
She creates cool and cute cartoon characters with large arms and legs, and also specializes in creepy-cute looks and colors.


Inoue has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator since 1998.
Freelance since 2002.
Since a group exhibition in France in 2020, he has also been active as an artist.
He likes to create original drawings of miscellaneous images like back alleys in the city center, and ambiguous expressions and gestures that people show when they are not paying attention.


Kimiko Chikuma
Influenced by “Pop Art” in the U.S. since 1960, Kimiko Chikuma uses contemporary Japanese girls, manga, anime, graffiti, and other forms of expression and incorporates them into her work.
While “Pop Art” has dominated the art scene in the West, I hope to show what has happened since then with my works based on contemporary Japanese expression.