About Us

Kinosho Kikaku aims to bring about new inspirations to the local art scene
with original ideas of unlimited forms and unusual stratagem. With
promoting Japanese contemporary art as one of our major goals, in recent
years, our exhibition platform has expanded to other regions in Asia,
mainly by participating in various kinds of international art fairs. The
result so far is remarkable.

As we gradually overcame the corruption of Japan’s Bubble Economy in the
late 1980s, now is the time of the coming of a brand-new era. This time by
chance, we are able to open a new gallery space in Tokyo. This space will
be the main exhibit platform for artists in Japan while our connections
overseas continue to expand in the days to come.

With ever evolving, ever growing, ever challenging as the main keywords,
our goal is to continuously look for the unseen and discover the unknown
with passion and determination.


Hoei Building 101, 2-11-11, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 1040031
tel:+81(0)3-6262-3558 fax:+81(0)3-6262-3559
mobile: +81(0)90-3219-5750(President, Sato)

Monday – Friday 11:00-19:00
Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays