Jung Hyeryun Solo Exhibition US2-Live Like Water


KINOSHO KIKAKU a le plaisir de présenter l’exposition solo de Jung Hyeryun US2-Live Like Water à partir du 10 mars 2023. Nous sommes impatients de vous accueillir à l’exposition.

Jung Hyeryun Exposition Solo US2-Live Like Water
10 (ven) – 23 (jeu) mars 2023
Heures d’ouverture 11h00 – 18h00 *Fermé le lundi.




JHR has been creating material/non-material visual works with a special interest in the organic relationship that humans develop with their environment.
<US2-Live Like Water> is experimental research designed to remind us of the current situation facing humans and nature by visualizing the seriousness of water pollution through actual data and virtual media. The title of the work was inspired by Lao-tzu’s theory ‘Live Like Water’, which emphasizes the need to respect the inherent properties of nature and humans and is intended to explore the essential nature of water beyond its superficial, material reality.
The video image shows that the images created by pollution figures repeat combination and disassembly on the virtual web like a living organism, finding new ways to survive through self-imposed rules and meanings.
The work also implies that we have crossed the threshold of the hitherto unknown worlds such as the Anthropocene and Chthulucene.
Jung Hyeryun (born 1977, South Korea)
Major solo exhibitions include 《Treasure island》 (2020, Jinju rheesjmuseum Museum of Art, Jinju, Korea), 《Landscape of -1》 (2019, l’h du siege art center, Valenciennes , France), 《Serial Possibility-planet》 (2016, higure17-15cas, Japan) ), and participated in numerous domestic and international projects and group exhibitions, including 《Opening Exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan》 (2018, Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Korea), 《Kenpoku Art》 (2016, Fukuroda Falls, Japan), and 《Busan biennale –living evolution》 (2010, Busan Metropolitan Art Museum,Busan) participated before. She won the <1st Surim Art Foundation>(2017), <Winning a prize in KIMCHONGYUNG museum> (2012) ,
National Asian Culture Center (2022, Korea), l’h du siege art center (2018, France), Guandu Museum of Art (2013) , Taiwan) has participated in a residency program.

ジャガ 一郎 個展 Jagaichiro Solo Exhibition

KINOSHO KIKAKU a le plaisir de présenter l’exposition solo « jagaichiro » à partir du 12 novembre (sam).

コネクト トリミング


ジャガ 一郎 Jagaichiro

Born in Mie Japan in 1976

 2000   Graduated from Tokyo Designer Academy Nagoya School Graphic Design Department

 2000   Make a sign at a sign shop

 2001    Live-in involvement in the operation of +Gallery (Konan City, Aichi Prefecture)

 2005   Production assistant at Takashi Murakami’s studio, Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.

 Award history

 2001  Art Dojo Grand Prix Gold Award

 Activity history


 Potato group solo exhibition / Studio Mini, Tokyo


 HIROPON SHOW / White Cube Gallery, Osaka

 Potato group solo exhibition « I want to be a diamond in Oklahoma-There is also  Porori » / art house Shichifuku House, Aichi


 Potato group solo exhibition « Looking for Fukui-kun … » / + Gallery, Aichi

 Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition « Simmering-Plenty-Funny » / Keien University, Korea

 Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition « Strippers Camp » / Nagoya Citizen’s Gallery, Aichi


 Japan-Korea Exchange Exhibition « Energetic Extension » / stone & water, Korea

 Poop Exhibition / + Gallery, Aichi




 GEISAI 1-4, 7, 13 GEISAI Museum / Tokyo, Yokohama


 Let ’s Pink! 2 / WOMB LOUNGE, Tokyo

 Clay Exhibition-Post Klee / Higashinakano Walk, Tokyo


 TAG BOAT ART FES / Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center, Tokyo


 Jaga Ichiro Solo Exhibition / Cheryl Kabure, Tokyo


 Jaga Ichiro solo exhibition

 « Saint Seiya: Knights of the People-About Beauty and Laughter Folklore » / Kinosho Planning, Tokyo


 Japan’s Three Great Inari, Toyokawa Inari x Kimono Moude ~ Seven Lights  Sangharama ~ / Toyokawa Inari Treasure Museum, Aichi