Minami Sugioka Solo Exhibition 「まぶたのきみ~A Tender Reflection」

Kinosho Kikaku is delighted to present to you Sugioka Minami’s very first solo exhibition “まぶたのきみ~A Tender Reflection”, exhibiting works that figuratively reveal the complex relationship of “Me and You”.

Sugioka’s works were inspired from the physical sensations that she experienced when she dived into the sea. “When I was surrounded by the sea, I can strongly feel the limitation of my body,” she said, “it is a complicated feeling of wanting to become one with the sea and an overwhelming sense of alienation.” No matter how desperately we eager to become one with the sea and attempt to dive deeper, the human body will always remind us that there is a limitation. The keen awareness of her physical sensations has ultimately become the main theme of her works.

Such complex relationship of “me and the sea” is in fact similar to the relationship of human beings. No matter how anxiously we try to approach one another, we will always feel our border as different individuals. However, our longing for one another will only grow stronger. Such desire of coexistence and the sense of separation will continue to live within us as we walk pass everyday life.

It will be our pleasure if you can enjoy Sugioka’s works which strive to explore the consciousness of “longing for others” while reflecting the artist’s unique point of view towards the world.