Kohei Yamada



I start to work by getting an idea from art history, films, subculture and so on.
I express what feels familiar to me and the feelings I long for, or love-hate relationships, in which I am really interested, by quoting the original image from which I got the idea.
Through my work, I yearn for Pop Art and I have sympathy for “appropriation art”. In my works, I use popular elements which, I think, introduce an element of familiarity for the viewer.

Personal History

Born in Hokkaido in 1990.

2016 MA from the Department of Painting from the University of Arts of Hiroshima
2014 Bachelor from the Univeristy of Arts of Hiroshima

Exhibitions and Prices
2019 Kohei Yamada Solo Exhibition, Art Far Tokyo 2019
2018 Kohei Yamada Solo Exhibition, Hanshin Umeda, Osaka
2017 Solo Exhibition Imitation & Typology, KINOSHO KIKAKU, Tokyo
2017 Asia Hotel Art Fair 2017, Seoul
2017 Asia Contemporary Art Show 2017, Hong Kong
2016 Art Bussn 2016, Bussn
2015 Asia Hotel Art Fair 2015, Taiwan
2015 Young Art Taipei 2015, Taipei
2015 Asian Student and Young Art Festival, Seoul
2015 Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2015, Fukuoka
2015 Korea International Art Fair 2015, Seoul
2015 Group Exhibition Evolution 2015, KINOSHO KIKAKU, Tokyo