Shoichi Tsurukawa



I am Shoichi Tsurukawa.The techniques I use in creating my works are staining and pen painting.
The works of both techniques share a miniature-esque preciseness. I did not tend to restrain myself to such particular representation, but what I try to express in one work is often too complicated.
As a result, everything is densed and clustered together in one pictorial scene.I am now focusing mainly
on the creation of the stain series. The reason I chose staining is that when I am making the color paste, the flow of my emotion during the creative process is expressed in a more realistic manner through
the changing of the thickness of the color.

I am often indulged in the colors of emotions.

I can easily indulge myself in the colors of happiness, anger and grief as my heart is always drawn by the vividness of my own emotions. What I want to portray is humans, namely the common “something” that lies underneath our appearance. As I do not know much about other human beings, I decided to draw myself, a human named “Shoichi Tsurukawa”.My works are like the crushed rubbles of my aspiration and fate from the brutal reality.
The rubbles did not go weathered, but are rather piling up along the way.
It would be my honor if you can enjoy my works.

Personal History

Born in Tokyo, 1984

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Shoichi Tsurukawa (GALLERY WAVE in Busan Korea)
2015 Brick of History (Yokohama Art University Gallery)
2015 Twilight Dusk (GALLERY b.TOKYO)
2014 Sky of Mud (GALLERY b.TOKYO)
2014 Roost of color (Mink projects in Amsterdam Nederland)
2014 NOⅡR (Gallery Ginza Forest)
2013 NOIR (Gallery Ginza Forest)
2012 Room.0 (Gallery Ginza Forest Mini)
2011 the BIRTH (Gallery Ginza Forest・Mini)
2010 A CLOSED PAIN 1999-2010 (Yamawaki Gallery)
2010 DEVIL (KEY Gallery)
2009 Sand from Mars (Gallery Ginza Forest)
2009 My Works (+Unopened) (Design Festa Gallery)
2008 Estoy fuera de dolor y dolores (Gallery Ginza Forest)
2007 Cloth Painting Exhibition(Gallery Ginza Forest)
2007 Shoichi Tsurukawa Solo Exhibition (Gallery Ginza Forest Mini)

Group Exhibitions

2015 Evolution-2015-(KINOSHO KIKAKU)
2014 INTRO 2-Collection by Fuyuhiko Yamamoto – (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo)
2014 Hori-gotatsu- hurricane (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo)
2014 77th Shinseisaku Awarded Artists Exhibition (Inoue Gallery Ginza)
2012 Gidora (GALLERY b.TOKYO)
2006 Siam (Shibuya Gallery LE:DECO)
2004 SECURITY LINE DO NOT CROSS (Shimokitazawa Gallery Geki)
2002 THE F1RST STEP (Shimokitazawa Gallery Geki)

Art fairs

2016 Foire de Monaco 2016, Monaco
2016 ART BUSAN 2016, South Korea
2015 SpoonArtFair-SEOUL 2015, South Korea
2015 Daejeon International Art Show, South Korea
2015 DeaguArtFair2015, South Korea
2015 KIAF2015, South Korea
2015 Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2015, Japan
2015 Asia Hotel Art Fair Seoul, South Korea
2015 ART BUSAN 2015, South Korea

Awards and Nominations

2015 The 12th World Painting Award, Excellent Award
2015 Shinsei Painting Award, Nominated
2015 The 3rd Vanilla Gallery Award, Encouragement Award
2014 The 78th Shinseisaku Exhibition, Painting Award
2013 The 77th Shinseisaku Exhibition, New Artist Award
2012 The 22th Yuzawaya Creative Award, Gold
2011 Pocorato Vol.2
2011 The 15th Shinsei Exhibition, Nominated
2007 Tokyo Wonder Seed Zero Exhibition, Nominated
2006 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2006, Nominated
2006 The 10th AIDS CHARITY EXHIBITION 2006, Nominated
2005 Tokyo Wonder Seed Zero Exhibition, Nominated