The billowing wave is one enormous ocean,
The enormous ocean is one billowing wave.
The shimmering wave is the whisper of blue from the far-away universe―
The individual and the community, micro and macro, life and death, self and the
others, human and the Nature, and works of art and its spectators…
I try to portray the neutral part in which lies the ambiguity within relationships, the something that exist in between them that belongs to nowhere else, yet may be the key to the true nature of the world, while imagining the meaning of our existence at this very moment.


Personal History

Born in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan, 1977
Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music Department, Oil Painting B.F.A

Solo Exhibitions
2000 – 2004 Keiichiro Ishii Violin recital at the same time Solo exhibition (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and other 4 cities in the region)
2003 Kojiro exhibition “There ” (gallery J2)
2004 – 2012 Kojuan Dinner Concert Art Direction · Kojiro Exhibition (Kojuan / Yamaguchi)
2006 ART BOX Grand Prize Exhibition Grand Prize Winner Award (Ginza ART BOX Gallery)
2007 Kojiro Exhibition (Tokorozawa Seibu / Kawaguchi Sogo / Hachioji Sogo / Takatsuki Seibu/ Ikebukuro Seibu / Tama Plaza Tokyu / Sapporo Marui Imai)
2010 – 11 Kojiro – Being there – (Shinjuku Odakyu)
2006~every year Kojiro painting exhibition (Tama Plaza Tokyu / Kanagawa)
2013 Kojiro Exhibition (Kojuan/ Yamaguchi)
2014 Kojiro Exhibition (Akutsu Gallery / Gunma)
2014 Kojiro Exhibition (Kojuan / Yamaguchi)
2015 – Blue Whispers- (Art Beatus Gallery / Hong Kong)
2017 Kojiro Exhibition (Kojuan · Koumeikan / Yamaguchi)

Group Exhibitions
2001 Collaboration 2001 (Yatsugatake Kogen Ongakudo)
2003 Visual and auditory arousal exhibition (Gallery Motomachi)
2005 5 · GO Exhibition (Shinjuku Odakyu)
2010 ART AWARD NEXT # 1 (Tokyo Art Club)
2012 Contemporary Art Exhibition II – New Expression Artists – (Akutsu Gallery / Gunma)
2012 Illumination (Gallery LVS / Seoul)
2014 Young Art Taipei 2014 (Taipei) 2014 “Reborn” (Kinoshokikaku)
2014 Paintings by painters who will be the next generation (Isetan Matsudo store)
2014 “A tense moment” (gkeumchon gallery / Seoul)
2015 Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show (Shinko Mitsukoshi / Taichung)
2015 “Evolution 2015″ (Kinoshokikaku)
2016 Ikko Yonemoto · Kojiro : Resonance of Sumi and Color (Ube City Culture Center)