Kayoko Kimura



Until 2010 my works are mainly created and inspired by the energy of pencil, Japanese washi and photographs.
Since 2011, I began to focus on “drawing” the action, by inserting the energy of my very own life to every single brush I put into the work. The consistent theme of my work is the exploration of the universe, time, as well as life and death.
For me, the practice of creation might as well be my continuous search for the very answer.

Personal History

Born in Tokyo, 1971
1994 Graduated from Tokyo university of the arts, majored in oil painting
1996 MFA, Tokyo university of the arts

Solo Exhibitions
1995  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Mi-yu, Kanda)
1996  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Muramatsu, Ginza)
1997   Solo Exhibition Gallery (Mi-yu, Kanda)
1999  Solo Exhibition (Museum of Tokyo university of the arts, Ueno)
1999  ONE DAY ONE SHOW (free soace 3, Aoyama)
2000  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Q, Ginza)
2003  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Kaku, Ginza)
2007  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Closet, Nishiazabu)
2009  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Closet, Nishiazabu)
2011  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Closet, Nishiazabu)
2013  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Closet, Nishiazabu)
2013  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Q, Ginza)
2014  Solo Exhibition (Gallery Q, Ginza)

Selected Group Exhibitions
1995 Points Of View ( Bellini Hill Gallery, Yokohama)
1996 Ljubliana Glaphic Art Biennial
1997 Resonance memory (Muramatsu Gallery, Ginza)
1998 to the new century. Two-dimension PART1 (Muramatsu Gallery, Ginza)
1998 Slide、Video Collaboration (Time Art Space, Aoyama)
2013 Summer Mechanism (WRIGHT Business Alumni, Kyoto)
2013 MATURE2013 (Gallery Q, Ginza)
2013 HEARTWARMING 2013 (Gallery Q, Ginza)
2013 Mitsui Property Group Exhibition (Nihonbashi Hamacho)