H.K Eichi Kei



About my works

Researchers have found that the weight of the soul is 21 grams. I am not quite sure whether the soul has its weight or not, but I am able to feel its existence through the movement of my body, my thoughts and the flows of emotions.
I would say the soul is sticked on the body rather than existing within it. That is, the indescribably familiar feeling of the soul pulling away from the body that we have all experienced at some point. The nearly unconscious moment right before falling asleep, the blurriness of the mind under the effect of alcohol and drugs, and the strange feeling of sexual pleasure with mixed sense of deprivation… It is the moment of wonder, as if my consciousness will be gone and nowhere to be found. If the soul decides to leave our body, does it mean we are meeting the end of our lives? What is the true meaning of Death? I believe that by trying to illustrate the fading away of the soul, I am able to grasp the solid feeling of being alive as a human being.
There are always certain moments in life that I find quite ludicrous. The more I become deeply immersed in something, the more popping up of tedious questions inside of my head. The pleasure of being entertained by watching movies, reading novels and playing games, the desires for food and sex, such ordinary senses occur to us on a daily basis, but sometimes I become extremely bewildered by the reasons behind performing these acts. The very feeling occurs to me during the making of my works too. I often wonder to myself, why am I painting works like this? As I wonder about the answer to the question and the occurrence of the question itself, it came to my realization that the only thing I can do to find the answer is to draw, to create. My work is the result of the struggling of trying to keep my chaotic self consciousness from falling off of my body, a testimonial “lump” that might as well compensate the feelings occur in everyday life.
The most important thing for me in the making of my works is to express as much thematic images as possible in a content of ambiguous uncertainty. What I portray visually is rather easy to recognize, but I would like the ideas behind the visual object to remain unclear. I often find it very difficult to answer when being asked of what I am trying to portray in my works. I do not think I have a clear answer to the question.
Instead of considering the work as a composition of flowers and human figures, I consider it more as a landscape painting. By transforming human figures into landscapes, the human characteristics decade thus make them less human and more of an obscure figure. The unique spatial composition of “Ma” in Japanese painting also elaborates the presentation of the soul trapped between life and death. The blossoming and decaying of flowers, on the other hand, symbolizes the passage of time. It is a celebration of birth and at the same time, a farewell tribute to death. For me, flowers serve as an item to the amplification of the image of human. I think the motif fits well with my interest at the moment.
I cannot predict how my works are going to evolve according to the changing flows of my thoughts. However, my intention to paint as a practical act of the self conscious’s connection to my body will still remain unchanged.

Personal History

Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Oil painting. BFA

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015 “Container of the Ghost”, KINOSHOKIKAKU, Tokyo
2011 KINOSHOKIKAKU + Gallery156, Tokyo
2010 “Sorezoreno Tasya 2010”, Gallery K, Tokyo
2010 KINOSHOKIKAKU + Gallery156, Tokyo
2008 Gallery K, Tokyo
2007 Gallery K, Tokyo
2006 Gallery K, Tokyo
2005 Futaba Gallery, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 “Beautiful dream”, Butchart International Contemporary Art Space, Taipei
2014 “Colorful” , 634tenjishitsu, Tokyo
2014 “Reborn”, KINOSHOKIKAKU, Tokyo
2012 Butchart International Contemporary Art Space, Taipei
2011 “Asia Hotel Art Fair 2011 Seoul”, Seoul
2011 “Art Fair Kyoto”, Kyoto
2011 “ Young Art Taipei”, Taipei
2011 “Resonance Effect”, KINOSHOKIKAKU + Gallery156, Tokyo
2010 “GEISAI TAIWAN#2″, Huashan Creative Park, Taipei
2010 “Art Fair Kyoto”, Kyoto
2010 “Humie”, Gallery K, Tokyo
2009 “Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair 2009”, Tokyo
2008 “Asia Hotel Art Fair 2008”, Seoul
2008 “Focusing on a New Generation Group Exhibition 2008”, Tokyo

“21th HOLBEIN Scholarship” Encouraging Prize